A new breed of coach is critical to deliver the experience that creates a difference. Passionate educators who inspire through knowledge and communication. These coaches recognise that physical health can only exist in union with mental health and to achieve this requires a multidimensional approach. 
Matt is one of the only personal trainers to have established partnership’s with private healthcare providers, Bupa, BMI and Spire. This led to the eventual inception of the first Health hub in 2014, providing a multidimensional facility, with “best-in-class” in: One-on-one Private Coaching, Dynamic Pilates, and High Intensity Training, alongside cuttingedge Nutrition Support, Lifestyle Coaching, and Physiotherapy. 
MK provides services within elite-level sports, including Premiership football, World Cup cricket, Professional golf, and Grand Slam winning tennis, as well as to Olympic Gold Medal athletes. Clientele ranges from members of Royalty, Elite Athletes, stars of WWE and some of the biggest entertainment artists in the world. 
MK has a strong presence in the products and media arena with book publications, and articles for: Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Health and Fitness, Grazia, Daily Telegraph, London Metro, and Waitrose Weekend. 

A new breed of health and fitness professional. 

The health coach is educated in all aspects of health and movement science, driven by a passion to help everyone and possessing great communication and empathy skills. We will lead this change with education and ongoing mentoring based on 25 years of practical real-life experience and over 100,000 hours of coaching in the field. 


Tennis Star Mike Bryan 

Matt Willis in the Hub 

Harry Judd & Danny Jones 

Ellie Goulding 

Connor From The Vamps 

Training with McBusted 

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