We have always worked hard on the safety and cleanliness of the Hub. To ensure our clients and staff safety, we will be following the recommended Government and UKActive guidelines. We have increased existing measures and put new Covid-19 protocols in place. Please read our new safety measures below...  
The Hub will be deep cleaned overnight and regularly throughout the day, using high-grade disinfectants that will kill the virus. 
COVID-19 is easy to kill with most readily available domestic cleaning agents and with thorough hand washing with soap for 20 seconds or more. Coupled with safe distancing and avoidance of touching the face, together with other building environment measures, including good ventilation, a safe environment can be established and maintained. 
We will not require you to wear masks unless otherwise advised by the government. If you feel more comfortable with a face covering, you are welcome to bring your own and wear during sessions. 
No. Gloves should be reserved for those undertaking certain tasks and are worn in hospital environments, those caring for the sick, by cleaning staff etc. Gloves can harbour a high viral load and contaminate surfaces. The individual may also transfer from glove to face in a higher dose and not touching the face and washing hands thoroughly is far more important. 
Please enter the Hub no earlier than a few minutes prior to your personal coaching or small group session. 
On arrival we will ask all clients and staff to confirm that they do not have symptoms of Covid-19 and have not been exposed to anyone in the last 14 days who is self-isolating or has symptoms. 
When entering the Hub, all clients and staff will also have mandatory non-contact temperature checks on arrival. If you are cycling or running to the Hub, please allow time to cool down before entering as anyone with a temperature above 37.8 degrees will not be allowed to proceed with their class or session (we will be using our common-sense if you have cycled/run to get here). 
Throughout the Hub, there will be non-touch hand sanitisers which we encourage frequent use of. 
Yes. We are limiting the number of personal coaching clients in the gym at the same time. We have changed the layout of the gym floor to enable safe distancing. Personal coaching sessions will take place in an allocated ‘pod’ with your coach, with access to cleaning materials and intervals between sessions, allowing you to enter/leave the gym safely. 
Yes, we will be running small group sessions when we re-open but we have made some changes to keep members safe. 
Classes will be 45 minutes, to enable for additional cleaning between classes, and to maintain distancing protocols and limits on overall Studio numbers. 
We have reduced the number of participants in HIT sessions to 5. 
We have safely spread the reformers out in Studio 1 to ensure you can exercise safely. 
Due to the circumstances we are now working under we will be unable to run over sessions. It is now more important than ever that you attend your session on time. Due to strict government guidelines, you must leave your pod on time to ensure no cross over between members causing health and safety risk. 
Due to health and safety and the new small group session check in procedure, please be aware if you are more than 5 minutes late for class, you will not be able to train. 
We ask that members stay for no longer than their personal coaching or small group session time. Please don’t enter or stay in the Hub any more than 5 minutes either side of your allocated session time. 
Water dispensers will still be in use, but we will not be providing disposable cups. Please bring a water bottle. They are also on sale in reception if you don’t have one. 
Changing rooms and showers are currently closed so please arrive changed and ready for your class or session. Toilets will, of course, remain open. 
We will not be providing shower, face or hand towels and lockers will not be available for use, therefore please bring limited valuables into the Hub. 
To ensure we keep a directional flow through the gym, you will be unable to stop at the front desk to book/change sessions, however the Client Services team will be on hand to make all amendments to your personal coaching or small group sessions via email or phone. 
Small group members will be able to book for the same class next week in the session with their small group coach. This will no longer be done face to face at the desk. 
Please only visit Client Services for purchase of supplements. 
Yes, there will be a number of options for members that are in a vulnerable group. We will be continuing our live virtual classes as well as creating an on-demand platform. More information to come! 
As per government guidelines, we ask that you take reasonable personal responsibility for your own hygiene and safety when in the Hub. 
If you don’t feel well, have a temperature, or any other symptoms associated with Covid-19, or been exposed to someone who has symptoms of Covid-19, you must not attend the Hub. If you become ill within 24 hours of your class or session, let us know.  
As changing rooms are closed, please come changed ready for your class or session. To enable us to comply with government restrictions on numbers of people in the Hub, please do not arrive no more than 5 minutes before class start time. Please also note that our late arrival policy still stands, so if you are more than 5 minutes late for class you will not be able to train. 
Please maintain social distancing wherever possible whilst in the Hub and follow all distancing signage. 
Please use the touch-free sanitiser on arrival at the Hub and before entering your class, gym or treatment room. 
Please wipe down equipment carefully at the end of a class when asked to. 
brew | twenty three 
yes! we are open from 7.15am – 3pm (this is subject to change). we will post opening hours/updates on our social media, as well as make sure MK Health Hub are aware as to when our hours will be extended. 
we have marked out on the floor where you are to stand whilst you wait for your order to be taken. you will have to walk around the MK building and enter brew from the door on our side of the building. (think of it as a 30 second cool down!) 
you can pre-order from us, just come in before your session or class to place your order. we do require payment as we are not holding tabs for members. upfront payment can be made if you want to make a stand-in order (for example every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ay 9am). just let us know! 
we will be open for both sit-in and take away. we are working with strict government guidelines to ensure the safety of both our staff and yourselves so please follow the guidelines laid out. 
if you are sitting in, we will kindly ask for you to fill out a short card with required information for the ‘track and trace’ system that has been put into place. all details will be held on site for 23 days, then disposed off. we will not keep any data you give us past this timeframe. data will not be used for any marketing or promotion purposes. 
we will have a full menu from Monday 27th July. 
yes, we are accepting cash. 
please note – children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. 
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