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Discover your traits on truefeed
You will gain access to your personalized truefeed® which contains your traits, insights and actions. truefeed® uses our patent pending truetrait® algorithm to combine your genetic and lifestyle information to help you understand why you respond, or are predisposed to, different ways of eating, exercising, supplementing or behaving.
Once you receive your Fitness Genes Kit, details of how to register are enclosed in your kit.
Genetically Tailored Workouts
Whatever your goal and experience, if you want to maximise your results you’ll need a workout plan that’s personalised you
We combine your genetic profile with your lifestyle factors and training goal to tailor a unique:
• Genetic workout plan
• Workout calendar
• Workout tracker
• Mood tracker
Genetically tailored nutrition
Tailored workouts are only one part of the story. You’ll also need to know how, when and what to eat to achieve the best results.
We use your genetic results and unique lifestyle factors to build you a personalized nutrition guide, complete with tailored:
• Total daily calories
• Macronutrient breakdown
• Meal volume
• Meal timing
• Recipes
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